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Dla motocyklistów

Dla motocyklistów
TomTom. Firma przedstawia nową nawigację dla motocyklistów - TomTom Urban Rider.

Nowy model nawigacji dla motocyklistów wyposażony jest w intuicyjny ekran, który może być bez kłopotu obsługiwany w rękawiczkach, oraz niezwykle prosty w obsłudze interfejs. Ponadto TomTom Urban Rider został wyposażony w – znane z wcześniejszych modeli TomTom – innowacyjne technologie Asystenta Pasa Ruchu oraz IQ Routes™.

„Nowy TomTom Urban Rider sprawia, że nawigacja stała się dostępna dla każdego motocyklisty” – powiedział Andrzej Kasprzyk, Senior VP Sales na terenie Europy Wschodniej i Rosji. „Niezależnie od tego czy używasz motocykla żeby dojeżdżać codziennie do pracy czy na weekendowe wypady za miasto, TomTom Urban Rider jest tym czego potrzebujesz” – dodaje Andrzej Kasprzyk.

Z myślą o uproszczeniu nawigacji TomTom Urban Rider został wyposażony w menu zawierające jedynie dwa podstawowe przyciski – Nawiguj i Przeglądaj Mapę. Uproszczone menu, w połączeniu z dużymi, czytelnymi ikonami i możliwością obsługi nawigacji w rękawiczkach, pozwoli na niezwykle łatwe nawigowanie wszystkim miłośnikom motocykli.


W bezpiecznej i bezkolizyjnej jeździe pomoże Asystent Pasa Ruchu. Nowy TomTom Urban Rider zapewnia realistyczny widok 3D na skomplikowanych skrzyżowaniach, dzięki czemu motocykliści mogą być pewni, że zawsze na czas znajdą się na odpowiednim pasie ruchu.

Dla szybszego i inteligentnego wyznaczania trasy, nawigacja TomTom Urban Rider została wyposażona także w technologię IQ Routes™. Ta innowacyjna technologia TomTom wyznacza najszybszą możliwą trasę w zależności od dnia i godziny, bazując na danych otrzymanych anonimowo od milionów użytkowników nawigacji TomTom.

Aby zapewnić motocyklistom najbardziej aktualne mapy, nawigacja TomTom Urban Rider została także wyposażona w technologię Map Share™, która umożliwia wprowadzanie poprawek do map bezpośrednio na urządzeniu nawigacyjnym, a także dzielenie się nimi i bezpłatne korzystanie z tysięcy poprawek wprowadzanych codziennie przez społeczność użytkowników nawigacji TomTom.

Dla doświadczonych motocyklistów TomTom przygotował nawigację TomTom Rider Pro. Rozbudowany model nawigacji został wyposażony w słuchawki z łączem Bluetooth®, dzięki czemu motocykliści mogą słyszeć głośno i wyraźnie wszystkie instrukcje głosowe wypowiadane przez lektora. Łącze Bluetooth® umożliwia także prowadzenie rozmów telefonicznych w czasie jazdy bez potrzeby użycia rąk.

TomTom Urban Rider będzie dostępny w Polsce pod koniec maja 2010. Nie jest jeszcze znana sugerowana cena detaliczna nawigacji. Więcej informacji oraz możliwość zakupu produktów marki TomTom, na stronie

Podstawowe informacje techniczne o TomTom Urban Rider i Urban Rider Pro:
Uproszczone menu
Możliwość obsługi ekranowego menu w motocyklowych rękawiczkach
Asystent Pasa Ruchu
Technologia IQ Routes™
Technologia Map Share™

Specjalny uchwyt do mocowania na kierownicy motocykla
Mini-ładowarka USB do ładowania nawigacji w domu
Zestaw słuchawkowy z Bluetooth® aby głośno i wyraźnie słyszeć instrukcje głosowe, a także bezpiecznie dzwonić i odbierać połączenia telefoniczne – bez potrzeby użycia rąk (tylko w nawigacji TomTom Rider Pro)



drvLlUYMbZf 08-12-2012, 01:10 powiedział(a):

This review is from: Received an XL335TM as a gift yetdersay and spent over 7 hours today trying to get it to work properly. Out of the box and into the car and it turned up nicely. I entered my home data sitting in the driveway and decided to give it a test drive. I picked the post office from the POI list and let it select a route. The first thing I noticed was the voice just told me to turn left in 100 yards , no announcing of street names. I made sure I had a computer generated voice selected since the recorded voices don't give street names. I did, but it didn't work. Second thing I noticed was that the traffic function was searching for signal and couldn't find one. When I got to the post office (almost) it announced I had reached my destination. Not quite. I was still a good quarter of a mile away. At the post office, I entered Home as my new destination and followed the directions back. When I got within about four hundred yards of home, with still a right hand turn to make, it announced I had reached my destination. Sitting in my driveway I could see the logo of a house around the corner and down the block. It told me the house number where I sat was 180 instead of 130, which was shown as being around the corner. Bummer, zero for two on finding actual locations. I made my first of about 8 calls to tech support. On the positive side, my wait for an agent was always short with a couple of minutes being the longest wait. All the agents were very polite and must have been located in the US based on their clear use of the English language. That was a plus. They all tried to be very helpful and seemed to understand how to proceed in solving the problems. I then proceeded to download the latest version of the application and the latest map for North America to fix the location and the traffic reception problems. That process took several hours and it didn't make a difference. It still thought my house was around the block and there still was no traffic data reception. Then we played games with downloading, installing, uninstalling various voices. Trying to install voices on the GPS kept resulting in error messages. I was then instructed to format the unit and reinstall everything. I followed the format instructions but Windows came back saying it was unsuccessful in performing the format. At that point, the GPS unit stopped communicating with TomTom Home and my PC no longer saw the unit on the USB port. I changed ports and that didn't matter either. I was offered an RMA code to send the unit back. I said not to bother. I was TAKING the unit back and getting a refund. Oh yes, the screen touch sensitivity is really strange. I found the adjacent letter often being recognized vs the one I pressed or at least intended to press. I found I needed to be very deliberate and slow in pressing a key to get it to enter properly. And then I ran the risk of the letter being entered multiple times. So just typing a street name correctly was a chore. The same was true of changing pages. Sometimes what I thought was one touch to change a page was interpreted as two or three touches resulting me getting to a totally different page than I had intended. This has been a real disappointing experience. I have an old TomTom (120 or 140), which doesn't speak street names or have traffic (but neither did the 355TM) and it has an old map which accurately knows where my house is. It works fine and I think I'll just stick with it and save my wife $170 on the gift she gave me.

fmWwmNKvVhSXVo 06-12-2012, 19:51 powiedział(a):

Review: I decided it was fillany time to get myself a GPS navigation system for my car. I went into the store and had the clerk help me choose one. I had only a few requirements 1) It would have to be something that can be easily moved between cars and could be removed and brought inside.2) It had to be easy to use.3) It had to offer voice prompts.4) The maps had to be upgradable.5) It had to be reasonably priced.The clerk recommended the TomTom Go 300 as the one that would fit my needs. I compared its features with others and decided that it was indeed the one that fit my requirements.When it came to ease of use, I couldn't believe how far along these devices have come. I left the store and got into my car, tore open the box, entered my home address, stuck it on the windshield, and was happily being directed home. Here are what I consider the strong advantages to this unit.1) It's small and extremely portable. The rechargeable battery means that for short trips (an hour or two), you don't even have to plug it into a cigarette lighter in your car.2) The screen is very visible and easy to see. Even when I had it mounted in my convertible (with the top down on a bright sunny day), it was quite easy to see the screen and get directions.3) While I don't expect the directions to always be the fastest or shortest routes (roads do change frequently, new ones are built, map info is inherently out of date), it surprised me by picking out good routes that avoided toll roads.4) It did a wonderful job of recalculating my routes when I left the chosen route and took my own. If there's a turnoff or on-ramp that isn't displayed, or if you know that a certain road will work better for you than what is recommended, by all means, take it. Once you deviate from the path, it immediately calculates a new route based on where you are.5) It's VERY portable. Since it has rechargeable batteries, is small, and light, it's even possible to bring it with you while walking through a city and have it guide you.6) It uses SD cards to store its data. While a hard drive lets you store more data, a hard drive is also very mechanical and can fail more easily than an electronic SD card. Also, SD cards are getting so large now, you can easily (and inexpensively) have one with 2GB of storage (approaching the storage capabilities of hard drives).7) The 3-D navigation view is surprisingly easy to follow. It's wonderfully easy to glance at its screen and see your exits and turns coming up in the distance.I sat back and tried to think of disadvantages to this unit, and here's the ones I came up with 1) I can't comment on durability or tech support. I haven't needed to call tech support yet, and haven't dropped it or abused it in any way to make a determination on durability.2) It has a suction-cup mounting arm that affixes to your windshield very securely. It can be a tad tricky getting it onto the arm. You have to apply it at an angle, make sure it's perfectly straight, and apply more than just a little pressure to get it to snap into place. The arm can be tricky to remove from the windshield should you want to move it to a different car (the arm really grabs onto your windshield and doesn't want to let go).Those are the only faults I can find as I've only used the unit for a week now. But all in all, I found the device to be great. It does exactly what I want it to do (get me to places without having to resort to printed maps from online sites) at a very reasonable price.

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